Evidence-based Clinical Care

The Partnership to Advance Clinical electronic Research, is a non-profit 501c.3 corporate collaboration between universities, medical schools, hospitals, physicians, research scientists and patients that is used by academic scientists, pharmaceutical and device researchers and health system executives to improve the development, safety and effectiveness of therapies, drugs and medical devices.  Its primary goal is to get more people involved in medical research to find better and more effective ways for physicians to treat and cure disease.

The PACeR Clinical Research Cloud & Large Geographic Hospital Site Management Network

PACeR maintains a global hospital-physician-Medical Home research network and a set of computerized clinical research applications that are specifically designed to engage people in clinical research, drug trials, device monitoring and therapeutic outcome monitoring.  We provide an open-source set of cloud-based software tools for patients and medical scientists to communicate, collaborate, collect, study and analyze clinical data and understand disease, treatment alternatives, cures and ways to improve the general health of people.

PACeR Networks

PACeR operates a social “Facebook-like” network that is specifically designed to connect research scientists and engage patients, local hospitals, family physicians, patients and healthy individuals in clinical, drug, device and quality, safety and outcome research.  Through a combination of global and interconnected local hospital social research networks, PACeR provides forums, chat rooms and blogs where subjects go to learn about the latest medical discoveries, cures and clinical research programs.  The platform provides all of the tools necessary to develop research protocols, deploy study methods, educate, screen, consent and recruit subjects for participation in clinical trials and health research projects being conducted in any local area or region across the globe.

The network provides internet and mobile tools for creation and management of hospital, office, community and home-based medical research programs and projects.  Disease communities that are an integral part of the network provide continuous support for patients and families dealing with chronic and life-threatening conditions.  Together with PACeR’s multi-media education program, each community is provided with the latest information concerning standards-of-care and treatment options, disease research and current drug studies, on-line study enrollment and the ability for members to support one another to combat illness.

PACeR CFR 21.11 and ICH e-6 & e-8 Compliant Clinical Study Platform

PACeR provides its members with a software platform that is architected to computerize all aspects of: the design and  authoring of any prospective clinical research study; submission of study to IRB for review; IRB project management, tracking and study approval; decision supported electronic patient education, recruitment, consenting and on-line subject enrollment; electronic clinical study data capture that is integrated with existing EMR technology that captures study data from hospital, investigator site, physicians office and patient medical home.  The fully mobile e-clinical study system collects data from computer, cell phone and telemetered portable device.

The PACeR software and research databases are managed in the cloud so there is no need for purchase of expensive hardware or software.  It operates virtually and connects drug and device companies to clinical researchers for company sponsored research.  It is equally well suited for use by academic researchers for investigator sponsored research and fully supports multi-site CTSA research.

The platform has been constructed to insure that all regulatory requirements of the FDA, EMEA, and International Council on Harmonization (see: www.ich.org/home.html ) of pharmaceutical research are met.  All regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, clinical workflows and protections for human subjects are electronically managed and standardized in compliance with CFR 21.11 and ICH e-6 and e-8 regulatory policies and procedures.

PACeR Education

PACeR maintains a medical research library that provides you with the latest reference information about disease and research studies available within a local area.  Unlike traditional internet health sites, PACeR’s medical library focuses on educating people about the latest medical research, available studies and standards-of-care. The library provides specific and in-depth information about existing research studies and a place where potential study subjects can interactively ask questions and anonymously evaluate suitability for any research program of interest.

Combined with PACeR networks, PACeR’s research study education offers more than a reference library.  On-line research study chat offers any individual interested in a particular study to interactively discuss that study with clinical experts involved with that research.  Company and academic research scientists who are studying a particular disease use PACeR Education and PACeR’s social research networks in combination to engage people on an on-going basis and create knowledge-supported disease communities for longitudinal study of disease and health.

PACeR Professional Research Network

The Research Pro Social Network is a global research forum that is used by clinical development teams, research scientists and physicians to electronically connect, communicate, collaborate, crowd-source and standardize clinical research projects and studies.

PACeR Research Pro allows scientists to interact with one another.  Companies use PACeR Pro to collect information about disease states, standards-of-care, clinical end-point measurements across the PACeR Pro network that improve study design.  They use the multi-media tool set to educate and recruit investigators, manage dissemination of investigator brochure, standardize training and evaluation of site management and staff, coordinate and manage IRB and ethics committee study approvals.

In combination with PACeR patient and site networks, PACeR Pro automates most of the processes that are now a series of disparate workflows and creates a system that reduces the time, cost and improves the accuracy of clinical research.  This is in keeping with PACeR’s mission–that is to standardize research policies, procedures, methods, technology and data to improve the scientific foundations of medicine for the health and wellbeing of people.