PACeR Education

PACeR Education

PACeR provides patients and potential study subjects with the latest information about healthcare and drug development research that is being performed in academic, hospital and industry settings.  The PACeR Education Library contains articles and links to all of the resources that are needed to understand specific diseases, current research projects being run across local PACeR research networks and in combination with PACeR tools can be used to screen, identify, educate, consent and enroll subjects.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies, university scientists, clinicians and your local hospital post information about research projects that they are sponsoring in the PACeR Health Education and Research Library  and PACeR volunteer staff assembles and organizes supporting information that you can use to learn about advances in treatment for disease and specific studies that are being run in your local community.

University, academic and hospital systems and research scientists are equally able to create, index and post investigator, NIH, Foundation and industry sponsored research projects in the PACeR Education Library for dissemination across PACeR local social research networks.

When individuals see a research study of interest, PACeR Education provides the on-line resources that are used to anonymously screen, clinically evaluate and determinepotential eligibility for participation in a specific research project.  On-line blogs, and chats with study specialists provide real-time answers to questions and concerns.  If eligible for participation, PACeR Education provides detailed written, multi-media and interactive information about each study.  The social network and clinical telemedicine toolkit allows for decision supported intake screening. Once screened and educated, PACeR provides electronic Informed Consent and automatic referral to a local investigator or healthcare facility over PACeR’s local clinical research social networks.

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