Pharmaceutical Research

PACeR Provides On-line Direct Hospital Physicians & Patient Networks and Cloud-based Clinical Record Software  for Translational, Clinical Trial, Safety & Outcome Research

Drug development and post-market drug research has been hampered by the disconnect between bench, bedside and the medical home.  Under traditional models of drug discovery and early-stage clinical development pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been largely divorced from the real-world of clinical practice and the patient.  The industry has transferred much of the responsibility for later-stage clinical trials and health economic and outcomes studies to contract research organizations and HEOR consulting firms. The end result of the loss of direct access to physicians and patients by drug development teams is a diminished understanding of the patient and current standards-of-care of the practicing physician and leads to poor study design, problems recruiting study subjects, frequent protocol amendment and high rates of study failure.

PACeR’s research networks and clinical research software tools connect drug development teams directly to hospitals, physicians, clinical researchers, patients, the medical home and community health resources.  The end result is better study design, improved accessibility to potential study subjects, higher rates of subject recruitment with fewer screen failures, more efficient and accurate data capture that is integrated with physician workflow and patient electronic medical record, better control of clinical site through remote monitoring and the ability to engage patients and study subjects longitudinally into the medical home for decision supported real-time surveillance, drug safety,comparative effectiveness and HEOR research.

Pharmaceutical Research: Click on Examples of PACeR Use Cases Below

Building a Disease Research Community: An On-Line Community for Real-time Coordination of Care & Research : Building a PACeR Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patient Research Community

Evaluating Treatment Outcomes in the Medical Home: A PACeR Network to Evaluate the Comparative Long-term Effectiveness of Glycemic Drugs in Type 2 Diabetics

Screening, Educating, Consenting, Enrolling and Remotely Managing a Clinical Trial: A PACeR-Walgreen Pharmacy Network for an Alzheimer’s Drug Study

Using PACeR Surveys to Identify Most Effective Recruitment Strategy for an IBD-Crohn’s Disease Drug Trial 

Using PACeR Hospital Surgical Networks for Study of Disease Biomarkers for Target Validation