Contract Research Organization

PACeR Standardizes & Automated Site Policies, Procedures, Methods, Technology & Data and Creates on-line Communities for Communication, Collaboration, Education & Management of Research

The Partnership to Advance Clinical electronic Research has established an integrated, formal on-line community of academic medical center, local hospital, physician, medical home and community retail health outlets with tools to support the standardized development and management of basic, translational, clinical trial and outcome studies.  PACeR serves as a marketplace for clinical data transaction, bringing directly together clinical development teams within companies, principal investigators, physicians and patients.

Working to standardize policies, procedures, methods, technology, data and educational resources for clinical research, PACeR strives to create a common paradigm between pharmaceutical companies, academic research scientists and clinicians for uniform management of projects and a consistent understanding and reusability of research data over time.

Contract Research Organizations benefit from PACeR’s uniform management and coordination of: IRB and ethics committee administration; standardized contracting at clinical sites; highly uniform and consistent clinical method objects for end-point measurement; a single set of data types and clinical semantic for cross-study data and knowledge management; access to participating hospital and clinical research member’s HIPAA compliant EMR data for understanding standard’s of care, disease characteristics and patient recruitment parameters; on-line clinical social research networks that connect company researchers with CRO, hospital, physician, patient and community health resources; cloud-based software tools for development, implementation and remote and risk-based management of clinical trial and outcome research studies, and; a multi-media education system for research program management and education of study subjects, patients, physicians and research scientists.

PACeR frees CRO’s from the administrative burdens of identifying sites for clinical trials and automates site start-up, patient education, screening, education, on-line consent and the collection of study data and management of study site.  The Partnership creates a single standard that drug companies, academic and clinical researchers use for design and conduct of research projects and makes it less time consuming and costly for CRO’s to focus on their core business which is to efficiently and accurately manage clinical research programs.

CRO Program Improvement: Click on Examples of PACeR Use Cases Below 

Using PACeR Site Data Mining to Model & Identify Patient Population for Study

On-line Health System Networks for Patient Recruitment

Coordination, Communication & Education of Professionals for Study Start-up

Deploying a Social Research Network for Outcome Research Using PACeR Mobile Developer

Managing a Protocol Remotely Using PACeR Clinical Study Developer & Clinical Study Desktop