Investigator Sponsored-NIH Studies

PACeR Delivers a Common and Open-Source Platform and Standardized Data for Uniform Clinical Research Across University, Academic Health Centers, Hospitals & Individual Research Scientist Studies.

Heretofore, basic, translational and clinical research has been conducted on a project-by-project basis by independent scientists who develop study protocols and generate research data that is unique.  While some standardized data types and measurements are recorded in a format that can be used for future research projects, most data that is generated in independent laboratories is non-standard and not easily stored in a common knowledge warehouse.  PACeR provides a free, cloud-based set of clinical research tools that provides any scientist with the ability to construct and manage the collection of clinical data that is temporally uniform across all research locations and projects.

PACeR’s on-line research system provides each researcher with their own separate data silo for collection and analysis of their personal research study data.  In all instances, even though individual scientists control the development and management of their proprietary research studies, the data that is collected and stored in their individual silos is completely uniform, based on recognized data standards and semantically consistent with all other research projects being conducted by other scientists.

Computerizing a sophisticated clinical research project is a simple object-oriented exercise and requires no knowledge of programming.  All that is needed to create applications with powerful decision support and supported relational database is the ability to type and drag-and-drop data objects from standardized data type libraries.  PACeR also maintains a library of recognized pre-built clinical method objects that can be inserted into the study design for the uniform capture of clinical examination data.  All data captured during a study can be tokenized and inserted into Microsoft Office–Word, Excel, PowerPoint or output to SAS, R, Bugs and other statistical programs.

Clinical projects that are built using the PACeR cloud-based clinical application builder can be deployed to ambulatory site, hospital unit or patient medical home across the PACeR clinical research social network.  Data capture from internet or wireless laptop, tablet, mobile phone and telemetered medical device are all supported.

Academic, Investigator-sponsored & NIH Study Examples: Click on a PACeR Use Cases Below

Multi-site Longitudinal NIH Sponsored Comparative Treatment Outcome Research Study (GRADE)