Using Retail Drug Chains for Global Standardized Research

Standardized Retail Research Networks

Traditionally clinical drug development teams and Contract Research Organizations run clinical trials and other research studies across independently managed clinical sites.  Principal investigators and hospitals operate completely independently site-to-site.  When setting up a site for a study each site requires its own IRB and ethics review, study contract, study training and individualized oversight and quality assurance.  This traditional approach is time consuming, costly and labor intensive and presents a host of inefficiencies and points-of-failure that hamper the conduct of drug studies and lead to failures.

PACeR operates a global social research network and a standardized clinical research application toolkit that is designed to support drug, device and outcome research using retail drug chains.

Retail drug chains maintain prescribing databases that are particularly useful for modeling patient recruitment and identifying potential study subjects and recently they have expanded their capabilities to deliver primary care to patients.  PACeR’s social research network has created on-line healthcare communities to support retail drug chains and provides the means to communicate with and educate potential study subjects.  It’s decision supported screening applications that run across the web and mobile research networks and automate screening, informed consenting and enrollment of subjects.

Retail drug chains are actively expanding their capabilities to deliver primary care and sophisticated drug infusions.  They have deployed standardized electronic medical record systems to manage those services.  PACeR has integrated its cloud-based HIPAA and CFR21.11 compliant research protocol management system with retail drug EMR systems to expand the capabilities of these networked standardized primary care clinics for global drug development, therapeutic comparative outcome research and for on-line management of disease research in the medical home.