PACeR Arabia

PACeR Disease Networks provide unique populations for clinical research.  One such example is PACeR-Arabia.  Covering the country of Saudi Arabia, the PACeR DRN provides access to concentrations of unique population disease profiles as a result of the high incidence of consanguineous relationship.  Between 60 and 70 percent of the married Saudi population are joined by first-cousin relationship.  In addition to extreme incidence of heart disease, diabetes and obesity, diseases that are considered orphan in the U.S. are highly prevalent.  Autosomal recessive coupling among the 30 million residents within the country provide a unique laboratory for genetic and genomic understanding of disease targets.  Large concentrations of diseases that are considered rare in other parts of the world, provide development teams with an unparalleled translational laboratory for understanding of drug leads.  The ability to identify and recruit elsewhere hard-t0-find study subjects is enormously enhanced.  Modern hospitals and extensive investment in advanced basic and clinical sequence and diagnostic instrumentation, country-wide implementation of one EMR and PACeR’s country-wide cloud-based collaborative platform insures timely and accurate study conduct.

From on-line Biobanking and genomic rapid sequencing to study closeout PACeR-Arabia exemplifies our commitment to providing the highest levels of HIPAA and 21.CFR compliant collaborative research to our patient population and our academic and corporate collaborations.