PACeR-New York: Focused Disease Populations

PACeR began in 2007 as a collaborative project between pharmaceutical and technology companies and a state-wide consortium of universities, medical schools, hospitals, physicians, disease associations and patients.  Sponsored by the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), the network today encompasses all major universities, medical schools, hospitals and physicians across the state.  PACeR-NY has access to every single patient that has been treated in in-patient, out-patient and Emergency Department across the state.

PACeR Disease Networks

PACeR employs state-wide diagnostic modeling to identify specific disease populations for clinical research.  For example, PACeR has identified 3,205 current patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, 2,445 patients with Lipid Storage Disease, 5,306 children with Autism and 7,062 patients with Sickle-cell Disease.  Having access to all patients and their treating physicians, PACeR enrolls patients and families in Disease-specific Research Networks and provides education and support for disease state and care.  When looking for subjects for a research project, companies can screen, educate and recruit using the PACeR networks.  Study enrollment and study conduct for basic, translational, clinical and outcome research is real-time and collaborative between corporate teams, practicing physicians, principal investigators and their patients.  Certainly beats the failed CRO model!